Steering Committee

The Hamilton Chapter is always looking for new voices to join our Steering Committee. There is plenty to do and never enough hands to do it!

In addition to having a voice in the overall direction of the chapter's activities and governance, there are many ways that you can choose to participate as a steering committee member: 

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Meet the Steering Committee

Ed Reece


As one of the current co-chairs and longtime chapter members, Ed has been extremely busy within the Council. He is currently involved in the Transit Action Group, the Pharmacare campaign, and is a member of the Solar Committee. 

Geoff Ondercin-Bourne


A longtime chapter member, Geoff is committed to social justice, the labour movement and addressing the climate crisis. He is currently active on the Solar Committee and the Pharmacare campaign, not to mention the work he does with our chapter allies!

Hugh Mills


Hugh Mills is a founding member of the Hamilton chapter and has been its treasurer since the chapter was formed in 2011.

Christie McNabb


A chapter member since 2021, Christie immediately got involved in our 2022 Provincial Election campain. Since then, she has been active in the Transit Action Group and is working to improve the chapter's online presence.

Janina Lebon

Janina has a strong history in activism in Hamilton. In 2019, Janina won the Hamilton and District Labour Council's Lifetime Activist Award for her work with PSAC Ontario Region, Congress of Union Retirees of Canada, the Hamilton Health Coalition, and our CoC Chapter. 

She recently stepped down as one of our co-chairs, but remains active on our steering committee and is currently working on the Pharmacare campaign. 

David Bennett