Public Pharmacare Now!

The Council of Canadians and allies across Canada are demanding the Federal Government keeps their promise to deliver universal pharmacare.

We are excited to have begun work on our chapter’s contribution to the Council of Canadian's national Public Pharmacare Now! campaign.

We need to push the Federal Government to keep their promise and give us the Canada Pharmacare Act by the end of this year. But we are up against a powerful lobbying machine.

Hamilton has been identified as a key player in this fight! With at least one of our three Liberal MPs winning their seat by a slim margin over the NDP candidate in the last election, the pressure of our collective voices calling for Universal Pharmacare can make an impact.

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Town Halls have been popping up all over Canada providing valuable expert insight, heart wrenching first-hand accounts, and enthusiastic audiences ready to act. Our town hall event on May 18th and after such an engaging discussion, we are ready for what’s next! 

On May 29th, Nikolas Barry-Shaw, Trade and Privatization Campaigner with the Council of Canadians will be speaking at our general meeting about the campaign’s next steps and strategies to encourage the public to meet with their MPs about making pharmacare public now!

The insurance industry has “increased its lobbying of Health Canada by almost four times relative to the pre-pandemic period. [They] want the government to give them public funds, instead of investing it in a public program.

This is another step towards privatization and a scenario like this would only line the pockets of rich companies while the rest of Canadians continue to struggle to afford the medications they desperately need.” 

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