Long Term Care

Our co-chair, Janina Lebon, is also co-chair of the Hamilton Health Coalition. The Hamilton Health Coalition is part of the Ontario Health Coalition and has been in the forefront of demanding answers, accountability and action on the Long Term Care tragedy during COVID. Much of the Ontario Health Coalition's focus has been shining a grim spotlight on the lack of care in for-profit homes that has endangered and taken the lives of many seniors who very probably could have survived COVID had this longterm lack of care not weakened them. The health coalitions in Ontario are all working together to address all the aspects of the Ford government's disastrous handling of COVID.

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This lack of care of course intersects with the horrible working conditions in long term care, the poor wages and lack of full time jobs that lead to long term care workers having to work in multiple locations to survive, and the fact that many of them are women, often racialized people and new immigrants: lack of care across the board, and many associates of the Ford government have benefitted from this tragedy in the making for decades in their roles in these for-profit homes, which have caused substantially more deaths than the other long term care homes.

Here's some clarification on terms:


Long-term care homes care for people with significant health challenges and cognitive impairment who need 24-hour access to nursing care and supervision. While homes are publicly funded by the government to provide primary health care and nursing care, support with the activities of daily living, a variety of therapies and activities, and special diets residents also pay a fee for their accommodation. Long-term care homes are also known as Homes for the Aged or Nursing Homes.

Admission to, and information about long-term care homes, is provided by Home and Community Care Support Services.

COVID-19 Notice: The province has updated its visitor policy to address areas with higher community spread of COVID-19. See rules for visitors and resident absences for long-term care homes.

See Residential Care Advocacy and Care Standards for organizations that protect and promote the rights and interests of individuals living in residential care facilitie