News from Council of Canadians

MOVING ON: We were sad to hear that Robin Tress was leaving the Council to take up a new post as an environmental researcher. Robin's enthusiastic support helped us a lot with our Just Transition activities, and we wish her well in her new chapter as a research activist.

Great news for chapter activists and those who are thinking of getting more involved in the CoC and the chapter! Tru-net the CoC platform is now ready and operational. To sign up, just google and you'll easily find the Council of Canadians hub using the search bubble. There is a national page, regional pages and local chapter pages, and you create your own profile, so you can use tru-net for your own personal use, as well as to connect with other Hamilton Chapter members and other chapters and see what's on the Council of Canadians tru-net spot. You can share photos and videos as well on the site. Please sign up so we can exchange information and ideas!

We all hope this platform will make it a lot easier and more fun to communicate with the national office, amongst ourselves as Hamilton Chapter activists and also with colleagues in other chapters. No more wading through the bog that email has become, at least when it comes to Council of Canadians email! Or so we hope!

P.S. THE HAMILTON CHAPTER INVITES YOU TO GET ONBOARD AND HELP US STRENGTHEN THE CHAPTER SO WE CAN TAKE ON ISSUES MORE DEEPLY AND WIN MORE GAINS! Please email for a one on one visit with a steering committee member to see where you'd like to concentrate your efforts!

NEW NATIONAL CAMPAIGNER: There is once again a Trade campaigner at the CoC! Nikolas Barry-Shaw's title is Trade and Privatization campaigner. If any of you would like to start a Trade and Privatization page on the website to connect with other chapter members and work on this important big picture aspect of the world we want, please let us know at and we'll help you set that up.