Chapter Photo Gallery

The new look banner at the Canada Is Still On Fire rally, Hamilton City Hall, September 8, organized by our friends in Hamilton 350 with many groups contributing.

The old banner in action!

on the left, It's Your Festival joint booth with Hamilton 350, XR Hamilton, Hamilton Health Coalition, and the Campaign for Adequate Welfare and Disability Benefits.

And (definitely on the right!), enemy territory outside Doug Ford's label business to protest with other groups his austerity measures.

Poverty Symposium at Hamilton City Hall, Health Care protests and public service cut protests, film screenings, book launch and signing with Joyce Nelson. CoC: connected nationally, and acting locally.

Our chapter is very sorry to announce the passing of long time chapter member and supporter Tony Matthews. Here is Tony on the far left with Kathie Clark, Peter Ormond, and Karl Wlasenko. They worked together on trade and fluoride issues, and were great friends of Tony's. Here they're visiting Tony and his companion Margaret in Palmerston, Ontario. They visited the chapter a few times after Tony moved to Palmerston.

Here's the new banner unveiled at the Canada Is Still On Fire rally September 8, 2021